Pre-Employment Hearing Tests in BC

While fairly uncommon for most jobs, some employers may require new recruits and employees to get a hearing test before starting their new position.

As a method of ensuring that each employee meets specific hearing safety requirements, employment hearing tests set a baseline for future expectations and helps determine possible hearing loss prior to employment or in some cases, as a cause of employment.

Typically, these employment hearing tests will be required in positions which relate to public safety, including but not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • First Responders and Fire Fighters
  • Public Transportation
  • Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers
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Why Choose NexGen Hearing for Employment Hearing Tests

Whether you are an employer or recruit, having to worry about hearing requirements during the job process isn’t ideal. When you choose NexGen Hearing for employment hearing tests, we have got you covered on all bases with updated testing for the latest requirements to ensure that the hearing test is quick, smooth and efficient.

During your visit for an employment hearing test, our audiologists will perform a audiometric test to assess a series of tones through the earphones to one ear and the other to measure thresholds. From that point on, our audiologists will determine whether these thresholds are normal or abnormal and will conduct further testing if any hearing loss is suspected. Contact us today to book your employment hearing test.


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permanent hearing damage.
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Baseline Hearing Tests For Employees

Hearing loss is a crucial healthcare concern and it is especially relevant to employment. Left undiagnosed and untreated, hearing loss poses a significant risk to safety in the workplace.

As such, a baseline hearing test is recommended for new employees. This will help employers detect problems in hearing and can be used as a benchmark for future tests.

Detecting hearing losses early is vitally important. It will allow employers to make informed decisions about what tasks the employee will be assigned. Also, they can enact safety procedures that account for the loss of hearing without compromising employee safety.

Baseline Hearing Test for an Employee
Annual Hearing Test in Progress

Hearing Tests for Employees

Annual Hearing Tests in BC

Employers need to ensure that the rigours of the job are not compromising the employees’ hearing ability and that the hearing protections in place are effective. To that end, annual testing of employee hearing will be required.

The hearing test conducted will be used to determine an employee’s STS (Standard Threshold Shift). The STS is a slide of 10 decibels or more in a person’s hearing thresholds at 2 kHz, 3 kHz and 4 kHz. An STS indicates a significant reduction in hearing ability in either ear. Detecting an STS in employees shows that noise in the workplace is adversely affecting employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

British Columbia is one of the 11 jurisdictions in Canada where employment hearing testing is required. If you’re exposed to hazardous noise levels, your employer must have a hearing loss prevention plan in place that includes annual hearing tests. Employment hearing tests are also a method of ensuring that employees can meet specific hearing safety requirements for a role. They also set a baseline to help determine if hearing loss has been caused by the nature of your job.
There are a few things you can do to prepare for your employment hearing test to ensure accurate results. Limit your exposure to excessive noise before your appointment. This will help ensure that your test results aren’t impacted by temporary hearing loss. Take some time to list your past medical history or medications. An audiologist will take a medical history before beginning your test, so bring along a list that will help you remember any important information that might be useful.

During an employment hearing test at NexGen Hearing, one of our audiologists will begin by performing an audiometric test. This test sends a series of tones through the earphone to one ear and the other to measure thresholds. Then, our audiologist will determine whether these recorded thresholds are normal or abnormal. If needed, further testing will be conducted. Book your employment hearing test with NexGen Hearing today to get started.


*There is a fee associated with employment-related hearing tests please inquire at the clinic.

Occupational hearing loss is inner ear damage that is caused by exposure to noise or vibrations in a workplace setting. Some jobs carry more risk of hearing loss than others including construction, military, law enforcement, pilots or air traffic control and other jobs involving loud noise or machinery. If you require an employment hearing test or think you may be suffering from occupational hearing loss, visit one of our hearing clinics in BC.

People who are exposed to excessive amounts of loud noise for years are likely to suffer from some level of hearing loss. Hearing loss is one of the most common injuries related to the workplace. There are many occupations that expose people to hazardous levels of sound on a daily basis such as construction workers, musicians, and more. To reduce the risk of occupational hearing loss, it’s important to wear the proper ear protection.
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