More detailed test results such as physician recommended testing, employment tests, pediatric tests
and other hearing assessments requiring reports are available for a fee at clinics.


Frequently Asked Questions

An online hearing test is a quick way to gauge how good your hearing is. In just a couple of minutes, you can test you hearing abilities in everyday listening situations to indicate whether or not you have reduced hearing.
Online hearing tests typically take a couple of minutes to complete and include a couple of short self-assessing questions, the actual hearing test itself, and an overview of your results that could indicate potential hearing loss.

The NexGen Hearing online hearing test is designed to provide users with a quick insight into their hearing ability. All you need is a quiet space, some headphones, and 5 minutes to complete our online hearing test.
Absolutely. We are proud to offer a free, no-obligation hearing screening test that can help you assess your hearing ability. You will get your results emailed directly to you and they can help you determine whether or not you should consider booking a professional consultation with an audiologist.
It can vary from one test to the next. Even if an online hearing test is designed and tested by a team of qualified audiologists, they won’t provide results that are as accurate compared to visiting an audiologist in person. However, an online hearing test can provide a quickly glimpse into the possibility of you having hearing complications and the onset of hearing loss.
Follow these preparation steps to ensure that you are ready to take your online hearing test:

  1. Find a quiet place to take your test
  2. If possible, wear a set of headphones
  3. Test your computer sound before beginning the hearing test
  4. You’re ready to take the test
Some common indicators that you should consider taking either an online hearing test or visit your nearing audiologist to get tested include:

  • You feel tired or stress from having to focus while listening
  • Difficulties following conversations
  • Friends/family comment on your hearing
  • You frequently ask people to repeat themselves
  • The volume on your TV or computer is very high
  • You have trouble clearly understanding what people say
Whether it’s through an online hearing test or by visiting your local audiologist clinic, it’s important to regularly test your hearing because hearing loss can affect so much more than just your ability to hear. Hearing loss can affect your memory, your mental sharpness, and can also impact your ability to socialize with friends and family.

Taking a regular hearing test can also help you: diagnose medical conditions, prevent further damage, identify potential hearing problems, and help you start treatment as soon as possible.
Our interactive hearing screening test only takes 5 minutes to complete. You’ll have your results emailed to you shortly after finishing the test!