Mitigating occupational hearing loss
Industrial Hearing in B.C

We are certified by WorkSafeBC (WSBC) to provide annual hearing tests to
employees who are exposed to hazardous noise. Our Mobile Testing Units enable us to perform all WCB mandatory hearing tests
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Occupational Hearing Loss

Every day in workplaces in Canada, workers are exposed to levels of noise
which cause permanent hearing damage. Thankfully, there are regulations
that mandate employers’ responsibilities to ensure that their employees are

Part of our mission is to protect the hearing of workers throughout the province of British Columbia. On top of providing fast and efficient industrial audiometric hearing tests, we can also provide advice on the types of hearing protection devices your workers should be using on the job based on the noise levels they experience on a daily basis. With our advice, you can make sure your employees have the right hearing protection for the job.



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Causes of Occupational Hearing Loss

Regular exposure to unsafe noise levels can, if left unchecked, cause hearing loss – even at work. Naturally, some jobs carry a high risk of hearing loss than others. These jobs include airline workers, military work (explosions, combat noises, etc), agriculture, construction, and manufacturing.

While these workplaces are not necessarily threatening to your hearing ability at all times, they provide frequent opportunities for noise to diminish your hearing over long stretches of time. If you’re curious about whether or not the noise around you is threatening or not, try talking to coworkers; if you need to shout, then the noise is too high.

Specifically, sounds measuring at 84 dB or higher are threatening to your hearing ability. For reference, a large truck positioned 5 meters away from you reaches around 90 dB, while a jet engine from a distance of 25 meters is roughly 130 dB loud. Be careful!

Prevention & Treatment of Occupational Hearing Loss


Occupation hearing loss can be easily prevented with a little bit of diligence and effort. Make sure your ears are protected when you’re exposed to loud sounds. Ear plugs, ear muffs, and other protective devices should be supplied by your employer. Ask about hearing protection if you have not yet been supplied with it yet.

Also, make sure to assess the risks of noisy activities. Shooting, driving loud machines, and loud music can all contribute to hearing loss. Consider this before engaging in the activity and wear the appropriate protection.


If you already have hearing loss, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fully remove it as it is typically permanent. It’s important that you engage in preventative measures, even if you have hearing loss, to ensure that the loss of hearing does not worsen. Refer to the above prevention section to learn about ways you can protect your ears from loud noises.



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Glen Bye


It is estimated that over 22 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels at work and according to the CDC, “Reported cases of hearing loss accounted for 14% of occupational illness in 2007.”

Through his extensive work experience in the hearing industry, as an IAT, Glen has conducted thousands of hearing tests on employees who have been exposed to occupational noise. Glen is passionate about educating workers and employers on hearing health and safety while providing exceptional customer service.


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