What Causes Static in Hearing Aids?

If you notice some static in your hearing aid, it could be caused by one of four main reasons including a build-up of moisture or dirt, battery life, malfunctioning of your device, or simply new sounds.

Although static in your hearing aids can be irritating, it is not uncommon, unfortunately, but there are some easy ways to troubleshoot.

Build-Up of Moisture or Dirt Causing Static

If your hearing aid develops a build-up of moisture or dirt, it may lead to corrosion and malfunction of your device, which is often a cause for the sound of static.

Moisture build-up can develop from rain, water condensation, hot and cold temperatures, and even perspiration. We suggest protecting your hearing aids on rainy days and cleaning them thoroughly after heavy activities.

The best practice is to clean and dry your hearing aids regularly to avoid moisture build-up and accumulated dirt. For the best results, we suggest drying your hearing aids every night.

It is important to use a soft, dry cloth on your hearing aid. If you have detached the earmold of your device to remove dirt or earwax, ensure it is completely dry before reassembling. Different hearing aids may require different cleaning methods, so following your model’s instructions is ideal.

Battery Life Affecting Hearing Aids

Another reason why you may be experiencing static in your hearing aids could be the battery. The life of replaceable hearing aid batteries is usually 3-10 days, depending on a number of variables including how much you’re using it, how much you’re streaming, and how well you’re caring for your hearing aid. Changing your batteries with clean hands is one of the best ways to keep your device working optimally.

If you notice some static, try replacing the batteries to see if it resolves the issue. If you use zinc-air batteries, we recommend using the five-minute rule to make your battery last longer. After removing the tab of your new zinc-air battery, let it sit for a full five minutes to ensure the air is properly activating it before inserting it into your device. This has been known to increase the battery’s life for up to three days.

If you are experiencing static in your rechargeable hearing aid, it may be because your battery is running low. Rechargeable hearing aids should last around 24 hours before needing a recharge, and it is important to ensure they are fully charged every day. The lower the battery level, the lower the performance of your hearing aid device.

Static Caused By Device Defects

Another possible culprit behind the static in your hearing aid could be a defect in the device. With so much technology packed into such a small device, sometimes there can be some issues.

If you’re using the hearing aid for the first time, we suggest speaking with your audiologist to identify the source of the issue. They may be able to tune it to eliminate the static, or help solve the problem.

If you’re hearing static in a hearing aid you’ve been using for a while, it’s possible that a component of it has worn down. The most common area for a malfunction to occur is in the amplifier part of the device. Because your audiologist may be able to replace just the defective component, it is best to seek professional help.

Knowing the type of hearing loss a person is experiencing can help determine the cause and best treatment method.

Experiencing New Sounds

Another possibility is that the static in your device is due to a noise in your environment. Most likely, this will happen when you’re getting used to your new device, as there are often noises that you may have forgotten or not noticed before.

Although it may be irritating at first, you will likely adjust to the sounds you are hearing through your device. Some examples of this noise could be the wind, a lightbulb, or rustling leaves.

What Are the Next Steps?

If you are properly maintaining your hearing aid, replacing your batteries when necessary, and not noticing any new sounds, it is time to seek professional guidance. Hearing aids are designed to improve your quality of life, not disrupt it.

Constant static in hearing aids is a frustrating issue that needs to be solved, which is why our dedicated and caring experts at NexGen Hearing are here to help.

By providing high-quality hearing aid service and repair, consultations and more, NexGen Hearing Audiologists and Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioners are able to assist in improving your quality of life and hearing experience. 

To book an appointment at one of our 45+ clinics in the BC Interior, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, click here or call 1-877-606-6671.

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