Dreaming of a Post-COVID Vacation? Tips and Trends for Travelling with Hearing Loss

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the chance to start travelling again as the possibility is looking brighter each week. A post-COVID vacation could come with stress for the average person, let alone someone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

People who deal with hearing loss have very different travel experiences than those with normal hearing whether its pre or post-COVID. It’s usually extremely stressful, agitating and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

So many destinations are becoming more inclusive to provide better accommodations for people with hearing loss so they can have a much more positive experience in their travels.

Australia provides an “Experience Australia in 8D Audio” video series that gives listeners the illusion of sound all around them in each particular scene. It provides people with hearing loss a vivid and immersive listening experience that is normally very uncommon for this community.

Other popular destinations with excellent opportunities for the hearing community are New York City, Disney World, cruises, Cairns and France. They all provide specialized tours, accommodations and services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Here are a few tips in preparation for your trip:

Plan in advance

If you have a framework of what your travels will look like and set up accommodations, reservations, tours etc. to best suit your hearing loss, you can avoid dealing with communication issues during your trip.

Make the most of technology

Download relevant apps such as Maps, translation, transit and more. Any apps that can assist you during your travels can be extremely helpful.

Advocate for yourself

Don’t be afraid to tell people you have a hearing loss. Since hearing aids can be so discreet, most people wouldn’t know you are wearing one. Once people are aware, they can take steps to communicate with you effectively.

Pack extra supplies

Bring extra packs of batteries, cleaning supplies, cases and other important supplies to ensure that if a battery dies or a tube gets clogged, you can manage this on the go.

Before leaving contact your local NexGen Hearing clinic to order extra supplies.

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