I just got diagnosed with hearing loss.  Now what?

You’ve finally taken a hearing test and found out that you do in fact have a hearing loss. The diagnosis is official and you need hearing aids. Now what?

It can be difficult to come to terms with this type of diagnosis, and even a bit scary. The good news is that with proper care from a good audiologist or registered hearing professions such as a RHIP, the transition is worthwhile.

Coming to terms with the diagnosis

When an individual first receives a hearing loss diagnosis, it can take up to seven years before they start seeking treatment.

Many people struggle to accept the diagnosis as there might be personal reasons holding them back from treatment.

There are several risks of untreated hearing loss such as mental fatigue, poor emotional well-being and safety hazards, especially after long periods of time without treatment.

It’s important to avoid further consequences and recognize that treatment is a way to improve your quality of life. You can be more involved with your loved ones, recognize important sounds around you and effectively function better on your own.

Although it may seem frightening, expensive, or difficult to accept – treatment can benefit you greatly.

Audiologists and hearing health professionals at NexGen Hearing work with you to find the best treatment plan for your needs and help you receive the most effective hearing experience possible.

Getting your first hearing aids

Those with sensorineural hearing loss are typically treated with hearing aids. Since technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, hearing aids are more effective than ever with various brands offering unique experiences.

Before making recommendations, your audiologist or hearing health professional will conduct a formal needs assessment to address specific lifestyle needs outside of your hearing abilities.

They will learn about your social life, career, hobbies, budget, the style of hearing aids you like and more. All the information uncovered will help them tailor a hearing aid recommendation.

Your lifestyle and environment matter when it comes to selecting a hearing aid. Some people enjoy loud social gatherings so they need a hearing aid that can block out unnecessary background sound. Others may frequently spend time watching TV, so a hearing aid with excellent Bluetooth capabilities would be the most helpful.

Once a specific model is chosen, the hearing aid is ordered and you are booked in for a fitting. This appointment will introduce you to your new devices, ensure the hearing aid is comfortable and program the devices to your prescription.

There are several follow-up appointments around a week apart to fine-tune your hearing aid programs based on your feedback. Some patients might need certain sounds lowered or others increased to hear better.

In order to provide feedback that will improve your hearing aid programming, the hearing aids must be worn regularly so you can adapt to the hearing aids and new sound environment.

The goal is to make the transition easy for each individual so they can adjust to the hearing aids at their own pace. In some cases, patients need time to get used to the louder sounds because it can be overwhelming at first.

By moving as slowly or quickly as needed, you can get accustomed to the new sound environment comfortably and eventually reaching your prescription level.

Also during these appointments, you will receive education on all of the necessary hearing aid care such as how to charge them, properly clean and change their filters, connect to Bluetooth, warranty and more.

Your audiologist or hearing health professional is there to answer your questions, provide support throughout the experience and ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing aids.

Once all of the follow-up appointments are completed and you are happy with your hearing aids, you can go back to life as normal with support from your hearing clinic.

The next steps

The hearing aid journey doesn’t stop at the fitting and programming at NexGen Hearing Clinic. It continues throughout life as you navigate the world with hearing loss and hearing aids.

Always available and willing to help, the clinic provides support to its patients for as long as needed from quarterly check-ups to walk-ins with a hearing or hearing aid problem needing to be solved.

That being said, the best part about completing the fitting and programming stage is how your new hearing aids integrate into your day-to-day life.

Amplifying the sounds you struggle to hear and creating a fuller listening experience, the hearing aids improve your quality of life.

They become a tool for your success so you can hear the things you used to miss, feel more comfortable in situations that used to make it difficult to hear and gain confidence.

If you notice odd sounds, tech issues or other problems, NexGen Hearing Clinic’s front door is always open to help patients and provide support as they accumulate to life with hearing aids.

Are you looking to treat your hearing loss?

Audiologists and hearing professionals at NexGen Hearing are passionate, dedicated and experienced. They are here to support you on your journey to better hearing and help you experience an improved quality of life through exceptional care.

Patients are welcomed at over 45 clinics in the BC Interior, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

To find a clinic near you and book an appointment, click here or call 1-877-606-6671.


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