If you’re experiencing hearing loss, you’ve probably considered getting hearing aids. One of the most common questions from people is “how much do hearing aids cost in British Columbia?” Unfortunately, this question is not that straightforward to answer. There are quite a few factors which will influence the price of your hearing aid. Because of this, hearing aid prices vary from several hundred dollars to a few thousand. The price of your hearing aid will depend on a few factors.

Factors Influencing the Price of a Hearing Aid

Not all hearing aids are alike! In fact there’s quite a variety of hearing aids on the market, with different capabilities depending on your needs.

The main factors which will influence the price of your hearing aids are:

Technology Level

Hearing aid technology level has come a long way in recent years, and as a result hearing aids available today feature a range of technological levels. Technology levels range from basic, which is intended for patients who do not spend much time in complicated sound environments to advanced hearing aids which feature advanced noise reduction and automatically detect change settings based on the sound environment and type of sound you are trying to listen to. More advanced technology translates to higher prices for hearing aids.


While the stigmas associated with wearing a hearing aid are all but gone, some people still prefer to have smaller hearing aids. At NexGen hearing, we feature a range of hearing aid sizes. Smaller hearing aids such as the Lyric™ Extended Wear Hearing Aid tend to be more expensive than larger and more visible hearing aids which are worn outside the ear

Style of Hearing Aid 

Closely related to size, the style of hearing aid you choose is going to have an impact on price. Custom made In the Ear hearing (ITE) aids generally cost more than Behind the Ear hearing (BTE) aids. Read more for information about the different styles of hearing aids to help decide which is the best fit for you.


Hearing aids now offer feature an incredible variety of features which help improve the hearing experience for their users. Noise reduction, rechargeable batteries, bluetooth/wireless connectivity, telecoils, feedback suppression, and directional microphones are just some of the advances features included in some hearing aid on the market today. Hearing aids with multiple and more advanced features have a larger price tag compared to hearing aids with more basic features.

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Are Hearing Aids Covered By My Insurance?

Middle aged man thinking and a behind the ear hearing aid in between a person's thumb and pointer fingerAnother common question we often get is whether hearing aids are eligible for insurance coverage. Many makes and models of hearing aids are eligible for some insurance, however this depends on the specific terms of your insurance policy. Before making the choice of which hearing aid you would like to get, we recommend you check with your insurance coverage. If the hearing aid is not covered by your insurance you might still qualify for other hearing assistance programs. Speak to your NexGen hearing health professional to see which other hearing assistance programs might be available to you.

Hearing Aid Financing & Leasing

Since some hearing aids are not fully covered by all insurances, NexGen hearing is proud to be one of the first hearing aid retailers to offer a leasing program in addition to in-house financing options. This program includes a wide range of hearing aid styles and technology levels to ensure the best access to whichever hearing aid you choose. If you have any questions about your hearing aid financing and leasing options contact us today.

Our Price Match Guarantee

Hearing Aid Price Match Guarantee Graphic

No matter the hearing aid you choose, NexGen Hearing offers a lowest price guarantee on all our hearing aids. If you have seen an advertised price or competitor quote for the same make and model of hearing aid, we will beat the price, PLUS we will pay out 15% of the difference.

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What's Included in the
Price of NexGen Hearing Aids?

When you get your hearing aids from NexGen Hearing, things don’t stop with the purchase. We’re here for the long haul, committed to the future of your hearing health. Some of the benefits that come with the price of our hearing aids include: