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Welcome to Reset & Reconnect with Tony Parsons. The podcast about resetting and reconnecting with the world after COVID 19. Thought leaders share their insights into what the future coming out of Covid may hold. Reset & Reconnect explores what it means to reset our relationship with healthcare, across business, within our communities and to each other.

Host Profile:
Tony Parsons

Tony Parsons is a Canadian Journalist and one of BC’s most popular news anchors with a broadcast career spanning over 50 years. Hosting the news hour at Global BC for over 35 years, Tony Parsons became a household name as one of the most recognizable faces in BC. 

His career achievements include being recognized as a recipient of the Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award and induction in the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame.

Episode Description for EP 01.

Dr. Bonnie Henry is the Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia. BC’s most senior public health official and first woman in this role. Even pre-COVID Dr. Henry had many years of experience with the World Health Organization advisory. Most recently, Dr. Henry has led the province’s response on the COVID-19 pandemic and drug overdose emergency. Tony asks Dr. Henry how she navigated the pros and cons of her new celebrity status. Listen as she shares her insights on the long-term health effects of COVID-hospitalized patients, and some valuable lessons to consider us as we reset to “normal”.

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Guest Profile:
Dr. Bonnie Henry

Dr. Bonnie Henry was appointed as British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer in 2018 following three years as the Deputy Provincial Health Officer. As BC’s most senior public health official, Dr. Henry is responsible for monitoring the health of all British Columbians and undertaking measures for disease prevention and control and health protection. Most recently Dr. Henry has led the province’s response on the COVID-19 pandemic and drug overdose emergency.

Dr. Henry’s experience in public health, preventive medicine and global pandemics has extended throughout her career. She served in a number of senior roles at the BC Centre for Disease Control and Toronto Public Health, including as the operational lead in the response to the SARS outbreak in Toronto.

She has worked internationally with the WHO/UNICEF polio eradication program in Pakistan and with the WHO to control the Ebola outbreak in Uganda and has been actively involved in mass gathering health planning in Canada and internationally.

She is a specialist in public health and preventive medicine and is board certified in preventive medicine in the U.S. She graduated from Dalhousie Medical School, completed a Masters in Public Health and residency training in preventive medicine at University of California, San Diego and in community medicine at University of Toronto. She is an associate professor in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia.