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Qualicum Beach
Hearing Clinic

The Qualicum Beach NexGen Hearing Clinic is a full service and part-time hearing aid and hearing health centre. Our commitment to helping our clients who might be experiencing tinnitus, muffled hearing or possible hearing loss is at the center of everything we do.

There are many types of hearing loss including sensorineural, conductive or even a mixture of these conditions that can cause difficulties in a person’s life. A hearing test at the Qualicum Beach NexGen Hearing Clinic can determine the specific type and level of your hearing loss.

Our qualified registered hearing instrument practitioner will set you up with a hearing aid that suits your unique needs based on the results of your hearing test. Your hearing test at our clinic is 100% free. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your hearing aid purchase is backed by a 21 day no-money down trial, and a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee that you’ll get the best value on your purchase as we will price match any valid competitor quote or advertised price on the same make and model of hearing instrument.

We are fully committed to providing quality customer service so you can expect us to deliver the highest level of professional hearing aid care at every level. We strive to build strong relationships and gain trust with our clients. We encourage family members to take part in their loved one’s journey to better hearing. At the Qualicum Beach NexGen Hearing Clinic, we are delighted to be a part of this vibrant community on Vancouver Island, and look forward to meeting you!

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Which Hearing Device Is Right for You?

BTE: Behind the Ear

Versatile for almost every level of hearing loss, BTE hearing aids offer superior amplification and directional microphones.
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CIC: Completely in

CIC hearing aids are small, barely visible when worn and less likely to pick up wind noise.
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Extended Wear

Revolutionary Lyric hearing aids can be worn 24/7 for months, installed professionally by your NexGen Hearing clinic team.
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IIC: Invisible in Canal

Comfortable and discreet, IIC hearing aids are virtually unseen when worn and are ideal for mild to medium hearing loss.
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Custom built hearing aid style suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss, only slightly larger than the CIC design.
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ITC: In the Canal

ITC hearing aids are custom-molded and popular with many people who have mild to moderate hearing loss.
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RIC: Receiver in Canal

RIC hearing aids are a two-piece device that has directional microphones, natural sound and manual control features.
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Qualicum Beach
Hearing Aid Care & Audiologist Services

Hearing loss can greatly affect a person’s life, often making many day-to-day tasks more difficult than before. Signs of hearing loss can present as constant ringing that comes with tinnitus, difficulty understanding people in crowded settings, or difficulty hearing different pitches. In order to improve your hearing health, it is important to understand the root cause and severity of any hearing loss you might be experiencing.

To receive the best results from your hearing test and get hearing aids fine-tuned to your specific needs, you need a qualified RHIP. Our team at the Qualicum Beach NexGen Hearing clinic located on Beach Road is passionate about providing the highest quality hearing aid care to all of our patients. Contact our team today to book your free hearing test, and get back to hearing all of the fantastic sounds of our city!


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