Flexible Financing Options
to Purchase Hearing Aids

Lease to Hear ™

Don’t let hearing loss slow you down. Our Lease-to-Hear™ package allows you to purchase a hearing device just right for you. Lease your hearing aids today and enjoy the sounds of life!

Cost of Hearing Aids

At NexGen Hearing, we understand that hearing aids may be an
investment that not everyone prepares for. The price of hearing
aids can start as low as $995 each. With more advanced
technology and features the cost of premium hearing aids can be
upwards from $3000 each.

Lease-to-Hear™ Program

As one of the first hearing aid retailers to offer a leasing program,
we’re delighted to provide a complete range of hearing aid styles
and technology levels within this program. Depending on your
requirements, a hearing device customized for your lifestyle will
be fitted for you for as little as $59 per month per hearing aid!
This package includes our ongoing support services.

Affordability Does Not Need to be a Barrier Anymore

We are pleased to offer our Hearing Aid Financing program. After a short application, you can be approved on the spot. When you finance your hearing aids our consultants will work with you to create a tailor-made solution to suit your budget. Your financing plan can range anywhere from 3 to 36 months.

FREE 21-Day Trial

If you decide to try hearing aids, enjoy a free 21-day no money down trial. This is followed by an additional 69-day risk free return period in which you get to trial the aids, or even try another pair, before you make your final decision. Some conditions apply. Ask for details.


Hearing Assistance Programs

Available Programs

Your employer’s insurance plan may also include an annual or bi-annual subsidy for hearing aids for you and your dependents, to cover some or all of the expenses related to the purchase of hearing aids.

Our clinicians donate their time to refurbish donated hearings aids and fit clients in critical financial need. We know hearing aids are an investment that can be out of reach for some. We will do everything in our power to help you get the hearing aids you need.
If you are receiving social assistance or taking part in an Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities (looking for work, training program or at risk to lose job due to hearing loss), the Canadian Government will pay for hearing aids and in some cases a supply of batteries.

Third Party Coverage

Based on VAC policy, qualified veterans, former and current members of the Canadian Forces (CF), former and current members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), as well as their dependents, survivors, and some civilians, qualify for VAC health benefits.

Please click here for details on the application process.

If you have a condition called tinnitus (ringing in the ears) you may also be eligible for a tinnitus pension.

Contact us to learn more!

If you are eligible for FNIHB Non-Insured Health Benefits (status card), hearing aids and accessories is one of the covered benefits for you and your eligible dependents.

As a registered vendor, a NexGen Hearing consultant will advise you regarding your eligibility for these programs. If you are accepted following the application process, we will prescribe and fit you with appropriate amplification within the terms specified by third party programs.


Hearing Aid Donations

NexGen Hearing clinicians provide hearing care to those who might
otherwise not experience the gift of hearing. The clinicians check to
make sure the donated hearing aids work, clean the device and replace
any parts that sit in the ear. Qualified recipients are then matched with a
hearing aid donation. You can give the gift of hearing by donating
functioning hearing aids at a clinic near you.


Volunteer hours to
fit hearing aids and
improve lives


Number of sanitized
and refurbished
hearing devices


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! NexGen Hearing is proud to be one of the first hearing aid retailers in Canada to offer hearing aid financing and a leasing program. 


This allows our patients to have flexibility with their payments and to afford their hearing aid devices and appointment when they need them, while also being able to pay later! Contact our team today to learn more about our financing programs and our leasing programs.

Many types of hearing can actually qualify for some level of insurance coverage. However, it may vary depending on the device and your own personal insurance. Before making a hearing aid purchase, make sure to check your coverage with your insurance company.


But don’t worry, even if your hearing device isn’t fully covered by insurance, we also offer hearing assistance programs that can help you afford your hearing aids! Contact our team to learn more.

NexGen hearing offers subscription-based hearing aids for Lyric hearing devices.


Lyric is an extended wear hearing device, fitted directly into the ear canal by a hearing professional and worn for several months. The Lyric subscription includes tech upgrades, support and replacement devices.

NexGen Hearing Centres are your Lyric authorized hearing professionals in BC. Talk to one of our audiologists today about how Lyric hearing devices could be right for you!

We do! NexGen Hearing clinics are proud to offer 21-day no money down free trials on a wide variety of hearing devices.


This 21-day free trial period is also followed by an additional 69-day risk free return period during which you can try other hearing devices before you make your final decision. *Some conditions apply* Contact our team of hearing experts to learn more about our free-trial programs!

Our financing application process is simple and you can be approved for our hearing aid financing program on the spot. Our team of audiologists can help create a custom-tailored financing plan to suit your needs and your budget. Your financing plan can range anywhere from 3 to 36 months!


Contact us today to learn more about our hearing aid financing program. We’re here to help you afford your hearing aids!

Some of the main benefits of financing your hearing aids include:


  • The application process is quick and easy
  • Choose from a wide variety of flexible payment plans and payment schedules
  • You can easily manage your loan and make payments
  • Low interest rates
  • Get your hearing aids right when you need them – and pay later

NexGen hearing is one of the first hearing aid retailers in Canada to offer a leasing program to help make your hearing aid devices more affordable. 


You can choose from a wide variety of hearing aids that are customized for your lifestyle, fitted specifically for you, and for as little as $59 a month per a hearing aid. Our leasing programs also include ongoing support services which include consultations, hearing tests, maintenance and more. Contact us to learn more about our leasing program!