What Can I Expect During My Free Hearing Test?

Audiologist looking into a woman's ear canal

Hearing loss is a fairly common health issue for adults in Canada. The good news is that it is treatable, especially when addressed at earlier stages. If your hearing is not what it used to be, why not schedule an appointment to get it checked as soon as possible. To help with this, NexGen Hearing is […]

Phonak or Oticon: Which Brand of Hearing Aid is Best?

NexGen Hearing staff showing different types of hearing aids to a man in a blue shirt

Purchasing a hearing aid is a big commitment, as it will affect the way you hear and interpret the world. With how much a hearing aid can impact your life in a positive way, you had best be sure that the hearing aid you decide to buy will do the job you need it to […]

How Much do Hearing Aids Cost in British Columbia?

NexGen Hearing staff showing different types of hearing aids to a man in a blue shirt

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, you’ve probably considered getting hearing aids. One of the most common questions from people is “how much do hearing aids cost in British Columbia?” Unfortunately, this question is not that straightforward to answer. There are quite a few factors which will influence the price of your hearing aid. Because of this, […]

Are Hearing Aids Tax Deductible in Canada?

Elderly man with a notebook and tablet smiling

Tax season is upon us and every year we ask ourselves…Is this tax deductible? Especially when it comes to medical expenses, the list of expenses you can claim on your tax return feels endless! NexGen Hearing is here to help you understand whether or not hearing aids are tax-deductible in Canada. The short and sweet […]

Hearing Aid Buying Guide

Woman showing different models of hearing aid to a patient

Hearing loss affects 1 in 3 Canadian adults. When we stop to think about how losing one’s hearing affects not only the person with auditory challenges but the people around them – family, friends, colleagues et al – it is not an exaggeration to say that nearly every person is affected in some way by […]

The Different Types of Assistive Listening Devices

Elderly couple sitting together wearing hearing aids

What is an Assistive Listening Device? ALDs, or Assistive Listening Devices, are personal technologies which help those with hearing loss, especially in situations and environments where hearing is difficult. Depending on the type of ALD, they may be used with or without hearing aids. It is important to note that while ALDs are not a […]

How Hearing Aids Help Tinnitus

Middle Aged man sitting with his wife while having his hearing tested

Tinnitus is something that we have all likely experienced at some point, even if unfamiliar with its symptoms. It appears as a type of noise, like buzzing or ringing, that is not influenced by external output. In most cases, tinnitus is fleeting and usually appears in response to exposure to loud noises, like after a […]

How Tinnitus Impacts Daily Life

Woman having a hard time hearing conversation

Most people have experienced a few hours in which they heard a constant ringing or buzzing in their ears without any external source of noise, likely after a concert or some other loud event. Even if temporary, ringing in the ears can be distracting and make communicating difficult. For most people, the noises typically fade […]

Hearing Aids and Compatible Mobile Phones

Young man adjusting his hearing aid with his phone by a pond

Mobile phones, like hearing aids, come in a variety of different models and brands. If you’ve already gone through the process of choosing hearing aids, then picking a hearing aid compatible mobile phone might seem familiar to you. There are several variables to keep in mind when searching for the right mobile phone and understanding […]

How Hearing Loss Affects Your Life

Young boy whispering into an elderly man's ear

Sound is something that connects people – through communication, shared experiences, and the background noise that surrounds us every day. Sound informs us about our surroundings and allows us to relate to one another. But for people with hearing loss, this connection to the world is weakened. The impact of hearing loss is something that […]