ReSound LiNX is a hearing aid that is specifically designed to work with an iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Their hearing aid phone compatibility works across these devices in a seamless manner. It’s small enough to be easily concealed and feels comfortable in the ear. Resound hearing aids innovative blue-tooth technology allows people with hearing loss to be connected to the things they love, as it works as a wireless stereo headphone for the iPhone. ReSound’s hearing aid and phone integration also offers a variety of customizations to suit their needs and improve the hearing experience.

GN ReSound has worked with Apple to develop this device with the hopes that this will eradicate the stigma surrounding hearing devices and provide incredible sound quality. The GN ReSound company also hopes to gain an edge over other competitors by engaging the iPhone generation as it ages.

The ReSound LiNX globally launched in early 2014, and competitor companies are already working on similar products. Since hearing aid industries are directed by products, it’s important to construct devices that are continuously advantageous.

Consumers who do not have a smart phone can still use ReSound LiNX. The device by itself delivers outstanding hearing in noisy environments, wireless accessories, durability and protection from moisture, and fresh technologies that increase comfort.

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