Did you know you could get your hearing tested for free? 

The results are displayed on a graph, called audiogram, that shows the sounds a patient can hear at different frequencies. The closer the marks are to the top of the graph, the softer the sounds a person can identify. 

Audiograms help us evaluate the type, degree and configuration of hearing loss and find the suitable treatment for our patients. 

What Does an Audiogram Mean?

Audiologists are professionals that specialize in hearing loss. 

After your free hearing test at one of our NexGen Hearing clinics in BC near you, your audiologist will review the result displayed on the graph. This shows frequencies or pitches in Hertz and sound levels in dB. 

Your hearing levels in each ear will be plotted on the graph to show the softest levels you can identify. 

Degrees of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is typically categorized in three degrees of severity.

Below are the three different degrees of hearing loss.

Mild Hearing Loss (26-45 dB)

Patients with mild hearing loss can hear and follow one-on-one conversations if the speaker is close enough. 

However, they may struggle to hear from a certain distance. Also, understanding other people in noisy environments may also be tricky.

Moderate Hearing Loss (46-65 dB)

People who suffer from moderate hearing loss struggle to hear and understand conversational levels of speech.This is the case even when in relatively quiet environments or backgrounds. 

Severe Hearing Loss (66-85 dB)

People with severe hearing loss find it difficult, or even impossible, to hear in any situation. 

Speech is only identified when the speaker is talking loudly from a very short distance. 

If your hearing is not what it used to be, schedule a free hearing test with us. 

When it comes to hearing aids, the sooner, the better. Patients need time to adapt to their new appliances, so be sure to get your hearing assessed before it is too late. 

Life with Hearing Aids 

Thanks to hearing aids, you can look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations with friends and family. 

It’s time to stop worrying and to start putting shame behind! 

Although it may take a while to adapt to hearing devices, you eventually will be able to enjoy all the sounds the world has to offer. You may experience some sensory overload in the beginning, but it will soon get better. 

After all, your need to get to get used to hearing properly again. 

Just make sure you wear them consistently and talk to other people while you adapt to your hearing aids. 

Additionally, hearing specialists recommend patients to keep track of their thoughts and new impressions. If adjustments are needed, your audiologist will benefit from the information contained on your hearing diary. 

Speak to One of Our Audiologists

Should you have any questions on our free hearing test or hearing aids, do not hesitate to contact a NexGen Hearing clinic.

We are committed to providing you with the best service and value in BC. Our passionate, professional consultants will guide you along the journey for a better quality of life.