As technology keeps improving, the list of hearing devices keeps expanding.

Even though that’s a good thing overall, there are more and more “fancy” terms being thrown around. That can be confusing, and some users have difficulties noticing the difference between marketing and facts.

As soon as you get into your research about hearing aids, you’ll likely come across terms such as “T-Coils”, or “telecoils.”

Telecoils can be found in all kinds of hearing aids. That’s why it’s important to know what they are and what their role is.

What are T-Coils?

Cochlear implants and hearing aids often come with a copper wire coil inside.

These wires are known as T-coils and are installed to provide communication with various loop systems and telephones. Communication is achieved through a wireless electromagnetic signal.

The main role of a T-coil is to improve the speech signal from the audio system and make it clearer.

Simply put, a T-coil acts as a small wireless antenna that’s connected to the sound source, and it delivers the sound directly to the hearing aid.

The user can adjust the volume of the signal. Around 60% of hearing aids in BC have T-coils. These can improve your hearing aid’s functionality for a small price.

The Benefits of Using a T-Coil

T-coils improve understanding and speech clarity both in public places or on the phone.

They can be used for loop systems in places like theatres, bus stations, airports, grocery stores, etc. These spaces often have an electromagnetic wire spread around to create an electromagnetic signal.

The wearer can access this field using a telecoil and a hearing aid. It will allow them to hear things more clearly. They can also adjust the volume to their liking to clearly understand what is being said.

Sings Your Hearing Aid Might Need a T-Coil

Even though T-coils were invented many years ago, some new hearing aids in BC don’t have them.

The focus is on creating a small hearing aid that is easy to carry around. However, the lack of size means that there is no room for a telecoil.

That’s why you can consider adding one post-purchase. Here is how to know whether you need one:

If your hearing is severely damaged

The worse your hearing condition is, the more difficult it will be for you to understand conversations.

A telecoil gives your hearing aid a good boost in terms of loudness and sound quality.

If you use looped systems often

If you spend a lot of time in public spaces with loop systems or like to talk on the phone, getting a T-coil is probably a good idea.

If you have a phone compatible with a telecoil

First off your phone needs to be compatible with a T-coil to use it.

Secondly, look for a phone with a high “T-rating,” meaning that it won’t interfere with the signal.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand what t coils are and if you should get one.

Everyone has a unique experience with their hearing aids, and we advise speaking with your hearing practitioner before switching.

If you’d like to know more about telecoils or have any other questions about hearing aids in BC, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at NexGen Hearing.