One often overlooked side effect of serious accidents is ongoing tinnitus or ringing in the ears. While tinnitus is considered a minor side effect, it can be tortuous, affecting every aspect of a sufferer’s life (see tinnitus and caffeine). Nathan Bushay knows all too well the trouble it causes.

Nathan survived a serious car crash but suffered severe tinnitus (see tinnitus causes). Only 25 years old, Nathan knew immediately upon stepping from the 2009 car wreck that something was amiss.

“It was instantaneous. All I could hear was this horrible beeping noise deep inside my ears. I panicked because I thought I’d gone deaf.”

Serious cases of tinnitus can lead to other health issues. Nathan could not sleep and the lack of sleep began to affect his mental and physical health. He would easily lose his temper and he was aware of how his condition was negatively affecting important relationships in his life. He sought specialized help and was rewarded when the London-based clinic suggested he try Acoustic CR Neuromodulation.

This experimental technique delivers low-level intermittent tones to the ear through a matchbox-sized device attached to earphones. The tones are tuned to the tinnitus pitch and adjusted to the individual, allowing them to manage their tinnitus. The approach creates a “white noise” and helps reduce the tinnitus without sacrificing the ability to hear other sounds.

Nathan noticed the improvement immediately and now, three years after his initial use of the device, his tinnitus is under control. He varies his use depending upon surrounding noise. More importantly, he no longer suffers from sleep deprivation and that has made all the difference in his mental and physical outlooks.

Source: The Express

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