When hearing damage results from extended exposure to loud noises, then that damage is referred to as noise induced hearing loss. The loss can cause an individual to have trouble understanding speech. This happens because loud sounds kill cells in the inner ear. Since there is no way to repair these cells, the damage is permanent.

Many sounds have the potential to cause noise induced hearing loss. Common ones include machinery, jet engine, loud music, gun muzzle blast, and lawnmowers. Ideally, those being exposed to these sounds should limit their time spent around such noises. However, this can prove to be impossible due to job requirements. Hearing protectors, such as ear plugs and noise reducing headbands are a great solution to high level noise work environments. Additionally, hunters need to wear ear protection due to the loud gun blasts.

Hearing loss is a gradual process. It usually begins with ringing in the ears, followed by difficulty deciphering words during conversations. If these symptoms due occur, it’s important to take a hearing test to determine the extent of the hearing loss and the best treatment options for it.

If it’s concluded that you do have noise induced hearing loss, it’s crucial that the remaining hearing ability be protected. This can be done by practicing the avoidance of loud sounds and wearing hearing guarding devices. Ear plugs are small inserts that fit snugly into the ear canal. They are an excellent source for protection at a relatively low cost. Hearing aids can be used to limit noise and they can be adjusted to fit any and all noise surroundings. Ear muffs are better suited for high frequent type sounds, but they cannot be worn by wearers of eyeglasses are those with long hair.

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