Hearing loss may not be an issue on everyone’s radar. It’s usually associated with aging, and younger people may think they are mostly immune to a deteriorating auditory system. However, in today’s world of concerts, loud sports games, and busy cities, young people may not realize that they are being exposed to a lot of damaging noise. In venues and areas with a lot of sound, wearing ear protection and standing away from speakers and sources of noise can be beneficial to younger people’s hearing. However, this does not always entirely prevent hearing damage, and the risk of damage for younger people increases all the time. If you notice you are experiencing any of these common signs of hearing loss, it may be a problem that you need to deal with as soon as possible. Some signs are the following:

1) Communicating and conversations are difficult, and you have to strain yourself to hear other people. 2) You experience Tinnitus (ringing in ears) now more than ever. 3) You have to ask friends and family to repeat themselves a lot. 4) You turn up the volume on your TV and audio devices way more than your friends do. 5) Phone conversations are especially difficult to hear. 6) It’s hard to make out noises in the background. 7) Those with high pitched voices, like children are harder to understand. 8) You feel the urge to avoid social situations, because it’s become difficult to participate. 9) Sounds and voices are somewhat muffled.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these things, it’s important to see an audiologist or hearing instrument practitioner as soon as possible, and get your hearing checked. If you are unsure of your hearing, take our free online hearing test to decide whether a check up with one of our professional staff will benefit you. Or consult with our staff with a one-on-one online virtual consultation. Regardless of your age or lifestyle, anyone can have hearing loss, and the sooner you are able to treat it, the better. Those who begin having hearing damage early in life could only get worse as time goes on without the proper care and ear protection. You can never be too careful- have your hearing checked annually and be sure to tell your doctor about any unusual symptoms.

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