Hearing loss is becoming a much more common threat in this day and age, with the constant exposure to loud noise and social stigmas attached to using ear protection. Younger and middle-aged people now have more chances of damage to their hearing, and, as new studies now show- men are more likely than women to develop some type of hearing loss without healthy ears. However, most cases of hearing damage are treatable, and doctors and researchers now encourage regular hearing tests (see Why Take a Hearing Test), especially for men. This June celebrated Men’s Health Month, and this especially encourage men to be responsible for their health and habits, including auditory check-ups and tests. There are many benefits of testing and maintaining your hearing, as well as a significant decrease in your chances of losing it.

Men who regularly address and test their hearing loss often have a high quality of life, and are more confident and social interactions and relationships. They are no longer insecure about communication or the threat of a noisy venue, as long as they are protecting their ears and testing their hearing occasionally. Some men are able to discover they are in need of hearing aids, which can dramatically improve their lives and make it easier to deal with the struggles that come with hearing loss.

Loss of hearing can also be connected with other diseases and health problems, and dealing with it as quickly as possible can prevent these additional risks. Memory and cognitive problems, as well as depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease have all been tied to problems with hearing. If you believe you are showing any symptoms of hearing loss, it’s crucial to get tested as quickly as possible, to stop the development of any serious medical conditions. Men may be more likely to develop auditory problems than women, but as long as you attend regular check-ups on your health and hearing, any critical damage can be prevented very early on, and can lead to a much higher quality of life.