Protecting your hearing during the summer may not be something you’ve thought about before, but it’s an important precaution that will keep your hearing healthy. The loud noises of summer sporting events, concerts, and firework displays can be more damaging than you may think. And if you have hearing aids, summer brings new challenges of heat and humidity that you have to watch out for. But don’t stress- there are countless ways to keep yourself healthy and protect your hearing during the warmer months.

If you plan on attending festivals, concerts, baseball games, and etc.- always bring earplugs with you. This will help to prevent noise-exposure hearing loss, as well as tinnitus. In general, know where you’re going and how loud it’s going to be. If you know your hearing is sensitive, keep your distance from the source of the noise, or try and limit your time there.

When it comes to summer activities, be aware of your ears while doing things like mowing the lawn or using power tools. After swimming at the pool, be sure your ears are completely dry to prevent swimmer’s ear. Don’t set off fireworks at your home- instead go watch them from a distance and allow professionals to do them safely.

And if you have hearing aids, be on the lookout for the extra moisture and humidity in the air during summer. Clean and dry your hearing aids each night. If you are going somewhere like the beach, consider special protective wear that goes over your hearing aids to keep the water off. As far as heat goes- never leave your hearing aids in a hot place or out in the sun. The plastic around them will melt or warp, so always be sure to keep them in the shade.

Summer brings a long list of challenges to protecting your hearing, but you can overcome them if you always take precautions, and look after yourself. In the end, you’ll enjoy summer just as much as you would have, but with healthier hearing.

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