A new study at Weill Cornell Medical College and the Gladstone Institutes indicates that a certain supplement can prevent hearing loss. The chemical found in this supplement is called Nicotinamide riboside, and is a type of vitamin B3. This chemical can protect the ear from noise-induced hearing loss, and this ground-breaking study will be very helpful to patients in the future in search of a cure for nihl or other forms of hearing loss.

The nicotinamide riboside (NR) specifically protects the nerve that feeds the cochlea, which, when exposed to loud noises, can become damaged. The cochlea has to transmit information through nerve synapses and on to the brain. If it encounters threatening noise levels, the cochlea will stop doing this, causing a loss of hearing.  When tested, the NR was able to prevent both short term and long term hearing loss, and was able to treat the ear both before and after the exposure to noise had taken place. This provides for optimal protection of the nerves and cochlea.

An obstacle often faced while treating hearing loss and other problems in the ear is that there are very few medications and treatments available (see diet and hearing loss). With the addition of NR as an easy solution for hearing loss, it opens up many possibilities for drug therapy in the future. The medicine is taken orally, and has all of the same properties that everyday medicines contain.

The NR supplement has also been found to help with the function of mitochondria, and protecting any damage to the mitochondrial system. This could help to prevent any metabolic disorders, as well as any decreased activity in a person’s enzymes. NR is a new supplement full of possibilities and implications, and its addition to medical circles will help to greatly improve the lives of the hearing-impaired, as well as many other disorders and problems associated with short and long term hearing loss.

Source: inquisitr.com

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