Hearing loss is emerging as a serious health issue and an awareness of the seriousness of such loss is rising. However, despite the increased awareness, many sufferers still shy away from getting the help they need. The stigma associated with clunky, bulky, and difficult to adjust hearing aids prevents many patients from researching the new hearing aid device options. Today’s hearing aids come in a variety of styles and incorporate digital technology in ways that make them both better-looking and better-performing.

One great advantage of new hearing aids is their small size. In some cases, the devices are small enough to not be noticed by others, reducing the social stigma associated with wearing such aids. More importantly, most modern hearing aids incorporate digital technology in ways that improves the performance of the device and allows the device to be adjusted easily by the user to get the best sound experience. For example, technological advances such as directional microphones preserve speech understanding while filtering out unwanted noise.

The integration of digital technology into hearing aids expands the range of devices available to the user. Digital hearing aids are available in a variety of styles and price ranges. Payment plans like NexGen’s Lease to Hear program, can help you hear sooner.

Hearing aid cost is associated with sophistication. Conventional analog hearing aids are the least expensive. A computer-programmed analog aid is slightly more sophisticated, with the ability to change some settings via a remote control.

There are a variety of different digital hearing aid devices to suit your needs nowadays, some with a microphone, receiver, battery, and computer chip. They can easily be set to match a patient’s hearing loss and specific needs. At the most sophisticated end of the spectrum on the latest digital devices; this next-generation aids offer complete control over matching hearing loss at every pitch. Additionally, these hearing aid devices can be controlled with a smart phone or other personal devices such as Google Watch!

The newest technology of hearing aids can far improve your living and listening experience and can help you restore your confidence. Using this new technology will help improve your communication and quality of life. If you or someone you love suffers from untreated hearing loss, take the time to investigate the newest generation of hearing aid devices.

If you are unsure of your hearing ability, take our free online hearing test to determine whether a visit to an audiologist or hearing instrument practitioner will benefit you.