Hearing is one of our most important capabilities. We use our hearing to stay safe, maintain our social lives, and to hear life’s moments. Without our hearing, our quality of life decreases.

Going to the movies, having group discussions, having a one-on-one dinner conversation, or even talking on the phone without being able to hear can be extremely frustrating. Due to this frustration, many people with hearing loss stay away from social activities and entertainment because they feel lost and unimportant. This can wreak havoc on an individual’s emotional stability.

Many people with hearing loss avoid getting hearing aids because they worry about how the devices will look and what society may think about them. Luckily, these people no longer have to suffer a lower quality of life.

Hearing aids have changed a great deal over the past couple of decades. 30 years ago, hearing aids were large and bulky because the technology back then was not as advanced as it is now. Technology and hearing loss work in conjunction to alleviate some of the pains commonly experienced years ago. Modern hearing aid technology provides sleek designs that are considerably more slim and unnoticeable. There are several low-profile and sleek options now available on the market.

The cost of hearing aids is an understandable concern for individuals with hearing loss. Insurance coverage does not always cover hearing aids and hearing aids can cost anywhere around $2,000. Fortunately, companies like Mainland Hearing are making hearing aids more affordable and accessible.

Mainland offers the Lease to Hear program – a program that allows you to lease hearing aids for as low as $59 per month. The Lease to Hear program includes free battery replacements and even free repairs. Offers like these are great because they allow you to improve your hearing capability and quality of life while maintaining your budget!

Contact your hearing care professional to find out more information and schedule a hearing test. No one should have to suffer a lower quality of life just because of their worries about how they look.

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