Loss of hearing may normally be associated with aging, or with loud, damaging rock concerts. However, studies have shown that children’s hearing can be damaged at a very young age due to the toys they play with.

Exposure to loud noises can cause a build up of hearing loss over time, especially at such a young age. Battery-operated toys are usually the main offenders as toy guns, robots, musical instruments, and many more tend to generate the most noise. Some toys are meant to be held away from the ears at a distance, but children do not always know or remember to do this. Even the way toys are stored can affect hearing- digging through toys in a box can cause a lot of noise, as well as playing with wooden blocks on a hardwood floor. These may be small details, but to a child’s sensitive ears, any loud kind noise can be dangerous.

There are many ways to prevent toddler toys hearing loss damage to your child’s hearing. Placing tape over the speakers of a toy is a good way to reduce its sound. Parents should also try to limit the child’s playtime with their noisiest toys, as well as test out toys in the store before purchasing them. If an item seems very loud in the store, or if a warning label instructs you to hold it away from a child’s ears, consider finding a different toy. When it comes to storage, line your toy box with felt or other soft materials. Place a rug or mat on the floor for wooden blocks and other noisy toys. Try to avoid loud computer and video games, and don’t let children expose themselves to a lot of noise by wearing headphones or just monitor the sound level for them.

Overall, it is very important to ensure that your child is not surrounded by loud or noisy toys. By creating a safe and peaceful atmosphere, you can prevent future hearing loss, and any damage to your child’s sensitive ears. If you are currently dealing with hearing loss in your child, read more here about fun hearing aids for kids.


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