Hearing loss affects millions of Canadians each year. It is among the most common physical ailments adults suffer. While some hearing loss is likely as we age, it is important to pay attention to your auditory health at all ages and to take steps to both diagnose and treat any hearing loss.

Hearing loss is often associated with other health problems. Most commonly, hearing loss can negatively affect social interactions. Untreated, this loss can lead to isolation and depression. Even minor hearing loss should be treated as a serious medical issue; the earlier the intervention, the more likely is successful treatment.

While hearing loss is commonly associated with aging, it can affect persons at all stages of life. Excessive exposure to high noise is a primary factor in causing hearing damage. Years ago, young workers exposed to factory machines suffered hearing loss; today, the rise of personal listening devices with ear buds is associated with hearing loss in teens and others.

The first step in understanding and treating hearing loss is to recognize it in you or others. If you notice yourself or others being non-participative in conversations, meetings, or needing regular repetition of common statements, there may be an issue with hearing. Seeking treatment is a simple as getting your hearing tested. This is an important step as there may be a specific underlying, serious cause to the loss. The earlier the diagnosis, the better the treatment.

The cause of hearing loss could be as simple as wax buildup or as serious as a tumor (see hearing loss and tumors)! However, if you need a hearing aid, then make the investment in one that best fits your needs and lifestyle. These days the market is ripe with a variety of devices for all needs and income levels. And NexGen helps make sure your hearing aid is affordable with their- Lease to Hear Program. The resources spent reward themselves with a return to fully social and communicative lifestyle.