People of all ages can suffer from hearing loss. Furthermore, hearing loss affects the family of those with hearing loss. Unfortunately, although hearing loss is common, social stigmas surrounding hearing aids leads to delayed diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, people with active lifestyles avoid getting help for fear of having to use an aid that hinders certain activities. Recent technological advances in hearing aid design and function make getting help easier than ever.

Win Whittaker is a passionate mountaineering guide, movie maker, and musician. However, some years ago he and his loved ones began to notice deterioration in his hearing ability. Win avoided immediate help, fearful that hearing aids might over-amplify wind sounds on his expeditions or negatively alter his ability to create music.

Although Whittaker had visited an audiologist and knew that he needed help, he remained hesitant. He needed a device that he could easily control. Recently, Whittaker discovered the power of new hearing aid technologies with a device called ReSound LiNX2. Using advanced technologies this device can be controlled by apps on his phone or watch! The aid also allows him to receive phone calls and listen to music.

Whittaker’s fear of hearing aids has vanished. In fact, he is passionate about their ability to improve the quality of one’s life. Even when faced with howling mountain winds, he is able to turn down the aid with a tap of his watch. The emergence of technologically-sophisticated hearing aids is opening up the market to folks previously stigmatized by the thought of using a clunky, hard-to-control device.

Win Whittaker is a poster child for companies looking to sway people suffering from hearing loss towards a life-changing device. He stills climbs the world’s biggest peaks, makes awesome documentary movies about his family and his love of climbing, and he still is able to both listen to and make music. Taking steps to improve his hearing has added value to all of his life-long pursuits.