There are many struggles that come with hearing damage, one of which being the use of hearing aids. People may be embarrassed or nervous to get hearing aids, and there may be social stigmas attached to them. It can be especially difficult for children with auditory problems, and they may be scared to wear something that identifies them as having these problems. But there is no reason to be scared of hearing aids, as they are important tools for keeping you healthy and improving your hearing.

To combat any nervousness children might be feeling towards hearing aids, a company called Lugs was created. Started by the mother of a partially deaf son, Lugs creates personalized and unique hearing aids for kids. There are pre-made kits shaped like superheroes, accented with decals and stickers, and other fun designs. The company became extremely popular in no time, with almost 100 orders being placed in one business day. Sarah Ivermee, the creator of Lugs, experimented and tried several different models before finding a unique hearing aid that kids would enjoy wearing. She felt it was important for children to know that hearing aids would help them, and that there was no reason to have negative feelings towards them. Having fun and creative hearing aids inspire confidence in children with hearing problems, and hopefully will eliminate any stigmas involved with them.

If your child has experienced any problems with hearing or shown any struggles in communicating, have them take our free online hearing test to identify any kind of auditory damage. From there you should be able to determine if a consultation with an Audiologist would work for them. The faster their hearing damage can be discovered and improved, the better. Your child may feel scared, or under confident when told they have to wear hearing aids, but it’s important to reassure them that there is no reason to feel this way. Show your child the different kinds of fun hearing aid devices they’ll be able to wear some of which are modern, sleek and sometimes small too. And tell them that these aids can help enormously in their hearing and every-day communication.