New research is shedding light on how diet, perhaps even more than loud noise, affects hearing. Understanding hearing loss is important to help with prevention and reducing the effects that hearing loss can pose to many people. Previous studies in non-human animals indicate that supplements such as vitamins A,C, and E, as well as magnesium, may prevent hearing loss by reducing inflammation while increasing blood supply to the inner ear. New clinical trials in humans are focused on whether such vitamin enhancements are helpful in curbing human hearing loss.

As these results become known and further research in undertaken, it is hoped that new insight into hearing loss is gained. In any case, it is established that people eating adequate fruit and vegetables maintain more robust hearing thresholds than people with a poor diet. We also know that hearing loss leads to other health issues, so maintaining a healthy diet is as important as ever. In fact, previous research from other studies has linked hearing loss with marked differences in brain structure compared to those with normal hearing.

We know the brain becomes smaller with age, but the rate of reduction is greater among those adults with hearing loss. This reduction joins other health risks associated with hearing loss. Overall, research is increasing our understanding and appreciation of the serious consequences of hearing loss. While a single pill may not contain the magic potion to prevent hearing loss, it is clear that a balanced and healthy diet improves health (see diabetes and hearing loss for more information). So, just like eating carrots may not improve your eyesight, there is little harm (and many benefits) in a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Source: Authin Mail 

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