Hearing aids have made incredible technical strides in the past decade (see Hearing Aids and Phones). The introduction of the new Apple Watch has opened even more doors. The Danish hearing ad manufacturer ReSound has issued an app for the Apple Watch that allows wearers to adjust their hearing devices using their watch.

The app, called ReSound Smart allows users to control multiple levels as well as establish preferred settings for specific environments. This programming allows users to quickly and easily adjust their devices to deliver the best hearing experience. Users can even make a call direct from their watch and have the resulting call adjusted through the Resound smart hearing aid. This level of control provides unparalleled listening experiences.

ReSound, founded in 1943, has continually been one of the hearing aid manufacturers worldwide. Their mission to develop products that are discrete, easy to use, and that greatly help people rediscover sounds is evident in the new Resound Smart app. They, along with a select few other companies, are redefining hearing aid device technology. Now, for those with hearing loss, it is possible to connect and communicate with loved ones the world over in simple, albeit sophisticated, ways.

No longer do people suffering from hearing loss have to rely on bulky, unsophisticated devices (see Adjusting to Hearing Aids) to try to interact and communicate with the world around them. As technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated, dedicated companies are creating and distributing tools to those who suffer the isolation, frustration, and even depression associated with hearing loss. As one such company, ReSound is committed to refining and introducing technologies that support digital hearing aids and their use. Through innovation and partnerships, smart hearing aids (see Oticon OPN Prices BC) redefine the listening and communication experience for millions of people worldwide. The ReSound Smart app for the Apple Watch is available at the App Store; users can download it and begin controlling their listening environment immediately.