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The Journey to Better Hearing

Recognizing the signs of hearing loss in yourself can be difficult, and taking steps to address hearing loss can be even harder.  Many individuals with hearing loss delay treatment 7-10 years and are often not sure how to seek assistance.  With the right steps, creating a treatment plan can be simple. Don’t Wait – Have […]

Are Hearing Aids and Apps Compatible with my Cell Phone?

Are Hearing Aids and Apps Compatible with my Cell Phone? A common concern for new hearing aid users is the ability to use their phone while wearing the devices. Thankfully, a few years back the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implemented rules for phone manufacturers to ensure users could differentiate compatible versus non-compatible cell phones. This […]

Getting Your First Hearing Aids

Getting Your First Hearing Aid You’ve been diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss and are looking for your first hearing aid. Technology has dramatically advanced in recent years, allowing hearing aids to be more effective than ever. With a wide variety of hearing aid brands and types of hearing aids, it can feel overwhelming to choose […]

Can Allergies Cause Tinnitus & Hearing Loss?

Can Allergies Causes Tinnitus & Hearing Loss? Have you ever noticed a strange loss of hearing when your allergies start acting up? You are not alone. While many people suffer from allergies throughout the year, a number of them suffer from allergy-related hearing loss and tinnitus in the springtime especially. Allergies can, in fact, affect […]

What Causes Static in Hearing Aids?

What Causes Static in Hearing Aids? If you notice some static in your hearing aid, it could be caused by one of four main reasons including a build-up of moisture or dirt, battery life, malfunctioning of your device, or simply new sounds. Although static in your hearing aids can be irritating, it is not uncommon, […]

What Causes Hearing Loss?

What Causes Hearing Loss? We know that 60% of Canadians aged 19-79 experience hearing health issues including hearing loss and/or tinnitus, but what causes it? For some, they were born with congenital conditions resulting in hearing impairment, while others experience a delayed onset of hearing loss caused by aging, health factors and their environment. The […]

Should Hearing Aids Hurt Your Ears

Do Hearing Aids Hurt? Hearing aids are highly valuable for people who have hearing loss, but it can be an overwhelming process to find the right fit. One of the most important things to know before you begin the search for your new device is that they should feel natural on your ears. Finding the […]

When Hearing Loss is a Medical Emergency

When Hearing Loss is a Medical Emergency There are many causes of sensorineural hearing loss including, noise exposure, aging, exposure to ototoxic medication, head trauma and illness to list a few. Typically hearing loss declines gradually over time, however in cases of sporadic hearing loss it is important to seek immediate assessment to ensure the […]

Case Study: SARS-CoV-2 Virus Infecting the Inner Ear

Case Study: SARS-CoV-2 Virus Infecting the Inner Ear A recent study from MIT and Massachusetts Eye and Ear explored Covid-19 patients who reported on-set symptoms of hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness and balance problems after infection. The study provided evidence that the virus can infect cells of the inner ear, particularly hair cells. Researchers conducted the […]